Here is what people are saying about the
F. C. Stair School of Driving

    All three of our children took behind the wheel classes at F.C. Stair School of Driving.  We asked people before signing up our first child for behind the wheel and F.C. Stair came highly recommended.  When it was time for our second child to take driving classes, there was not even a hesitation as to where we would send her.  As our third child was about to take driving classes, we asked him where he would like to learn to drive and without even having to think about it, he responded with, "Well F.C. Stair of course."  
The school has been very flexible with scheduling driving times and our children learned so much from the classes.  We also liked that Ryan would take our children out a day or two before their driving tests and take them on a practice run.. That was EXTREMELY helpful in their preparation.
But the most important factor for us was that F.C. Stair driving instructor Ryan was so personable and very encouraging for young, newly drivers.  He took the time to get to know each of my children and learned what their interests were, so he could carry on meaningful conversations with them.  He also took pride in how they were progressing as new drivers.  To Ryan, everyone is an individual, not just a name or number.

F.C. Stair comes highly recommended from the “B” Family!!!!!

I would highly recommend F.C. Stair School of Driving for any families with upcoming young drivers.  Both my son & daughter went through the school four years apart and both passed on their first attempt missing only 5 and 6 points on their road tests which is a testament to the school’s continued and ongoing commitment to helping prepare young drivers.  Ryan was extremely flexible with working around their school and sports schedules (which on its own is a difficult thing to do!) but most of all, he made them feel comfortable enough to ask questions and be confident in their driving skills.  He got to know each of my children and was genuinely concerned with their success.  Everyone went above & beyond and truly exceeded all our expectations of what the program would be! 

Thanks again for all your help!


    I would like to recommend FC Stair School of Driving to anyone that is looking for a school for their young adult to be taught classroom education, as well as behind the wheel education. We had two daughters that went through their school, and both of them passed their road test the very first time. We found the teachers to be very friendly, and they exceeded our expectations. Ryan Stair was always willing to work around our daughters’ sports and work schedules, to accommodate their behind the wheel driving.

Thank you Ryan for everything.    L.H.


    I just wanted to write you a short note and thank you for preparing my 16 year old daughter for her driving test.  Laura passed on her first attempt and was very confident going into the road test.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is never more accurate than when one tries to teach a son or daughter how to drive.  Fred and Ryan Stair did an awesome job providing learning experiences that proved to prepare Laura for many diverse driving situations.  Laura looked forward to each lesson and behind the wheel opportunity.  Ryan was extremely flexible with reschedules and makeup behind the wheel lessons.  Laura is involved in many extracurricular in high school and she was still able to finish in a timely fashion.  Thanks again for all you do for the youth of the community.
Sincerely Yours,


I used FC Stair for both my son and daughter and feel they went above and beyond my expectations.  They were very friendly and flexible with their driving schedule times with both of my children.   FC Stair did a great job instructing my son 7 year ago and he passed his driving test with minimal points off.  FC Stair helped my daughter over a slight bump in the road when it came to taking her temps test and I am very appreciative of that. With the great driving instructions of Ryan my daughter went on to get a perfect score on her drivers test just a couple of months ago.

Thank you to FC Stair for the great job you did with my children and I hope you keep up the great work for a long time to come!!



  It is my pleasure to highly recommend the FC Stair School of Driving. Fred and his staff are very dedicated to quality education and set a great example for their students. I am personally quite familiar with Fred’s class and have sat in a few classes myself as two of my daughter’s went thru his program. To this day, they remember what a great experience it was! I have also heard many very positive comments from parents in our community about his program.   


Dear FC Stair,

    I would just like to thank Mr. Stair and Ryan for teaching me everything I needed to know about driving. Today, I took my test.... and I passed! I couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone at F.C Stair, I’m going to miss going to class and doing behind the wheel, but all I can say is thank you and watch out on the road for me!